SurvivalCraft ToolBox

Welcome to the SurvivalCraft ToolBox representation!

Here you’ll find information and instructions on SCTB.

Let’s start with the download links. Download both of these files, and place them in the same location.

Go here to download the SCTB Beta.
Go here to download the required DLL.

Go here to see a change log and planned features.

Now that that is out of the way, we can get a world from the game.

There are two types of worlds, as we all know: flat and normal. The choice between these does matter on what you are trying to do. For flat worlds you can edit anywhere you want with the editor. For normal worlds you can only edit the chunks that you have edited in game. Both types require at least one chunk to work, so edit at least one block in game before exporting.

Now that you have a world created, you’ll need to export it. Depending on your device this can either be as simple as exporting to your SD card or as dragging as exporting to Dropbox. Either way, you’ll get an ‘.scworld’ file. Transfer this file to your computer. If you uploaded to Dropbox, it’ll be located in the “Apps/Survivalcraft” folder. If you exported to an SD Card, it’ll be located in the “Survivalcraft” folder.

Great! Now we have the easy part down, with the world now located somewhere on your computer (don’t forget the location).

Now for the fun, using the toolbox. (I recommend having the game open during this)

First off, we obviously need to run it. So run the program like anything else. Then you’ll notice a bunch of buttons and stuff. Our first interest is going to be the ‘…’ button which will allow us to navigate and select our world from earlier. Once you’ve selected the world press the ‘Load’ button. Now the rest of our options will be enabled.


Since we begin on the prisms and planes tab I’ll start with that.

To the left is our coordinate input. We have two points, two corners. We can get these coordinates a few ways, I prefer placings signs in game with notes and reading there coordinates from the ‘project.xml’ file but it’s much quicker to just pause in creative mode and read the coordinates there (these coordinates represent the block space that your legs are in, but they are sometimes wrong by a whole block since they are based from the center of blocks, I’ve asked Kaalus for a fix for this). So select two corners and input their coordinates. You may be confused by the XZY order, it’s like this because that’s how the game is based. X and Z represent your ground plane and Y is the height (thanks Kaalus for this confusing order, I get mixed up a lot). It does not matter which two corners you choose for this. If your two points are on the same plane you will form a plane, if they are in the same line you will form a line, if they are all different you’ll get a prism.

In the center, you will see two check boxes which are both pretty self explanatory. If you want a filled in prism/plane select the ‘fill inside’ check box. If you want to only edit air and not replace your other blocks select the ‘air only’ check box.

Farthest right you’ll see a drop-down box with a list of blocks. Just select the block type you want to fill the space with. I don’t recommend selecting anything that’s not a cube, I haven’t exactly cleaned or updated the list yet.


The spheres and circles tab is layed out mostly like the prisms and planes tab. To the left we have our center coordinates. Using either of the techniques explained above, get the coordinates you need and input them.

You’ll notice the same two check boxes from the other tab here in the middle, used exactly the same as mentioned above.

Then there are three new options that are specific to this tab: Radius, which is the block-radius of the circle/sphere; Tolerance, which is the thickness of the “shell” (think of it like an eggshell, how thick do you want the shell); the Sphere or Circle selector, which will basically decide whether you are using a sphere or a circle; and Height, which turns the circle into a cylinder if it is more than 1 (it can also be negative if you need it to be). When tolerance is between 0 and 1 the result will be spotty since the center of a cube won’t always be within the shell, when it’s above or one the shell will always be at least as thick as specified.

Lastly there is the same drop-down box as mentioned above. Just select the block you want. And just as I said before, I don’t recommend selecting anything that’s not a cube.

Ah finally, we’ve reached the part where we apply the editing!

Click the ‘Edit’ button. This is where we determine if you input was valid and tell you how many blocks are edited. If it says there were 0 blocks edited, you’ve done something wrong. Otherwise great job!

Now click ‘Save’ to save your world. This will overwrite your existing world so I recommend keeping backups if you plan on reversing anything.

Now depending on how you exported the world before we’ll need to upload and import the world.

If you used Dropbox, upload the world back to the same folder you retrieved the file from. Go in game and select ‘Get Content’, select ‘Private’, [choose Dropbox,] and select your world and download.
If you used an SD Card, transfer the world back to the same folder you retrieved it from. Go in game and select ‘Get Content’, select ‘Private’, [choose SD Card,] and select your world and download.

Your world has now been imported to the game and will be present in your menu.

Congratulations! If all of this worked and you are satisfied with your creation feel free to share it! I’d love to see screenshot too, so you can post them here.

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    • Yeah, it’s a desktop program. An android adaptation wouldn’t be hard, it wouldn’t happen soon since we are still in early beta. It’s not as easy to make an app compatible with as many mobile devices as you can think of, so we’d definitely wait for a more stable version.

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  1. The error appears to be a version issue. From the link above, SmartCompress downloads v10.3. The error references v11.2.
    I tried to find 11.2 on github but wouldn’t find the download.


  2. Thank you very much Crayder and contributers!!

    Works perfectly!

    Now to get better with it. Sweet…
    I also noticed when you load your world back up it sets texture to default.

    I’ll be back with some screen shots, thx again you guys are great.


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